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MSD China for Minority Suppliers——A Time and Cost Effective Approach to Efficient Business Growth

At MSD China, we work towards promoting an economically inclusive society. Minority business in China is often at a disadvantage for a number of reasons. Furthermore, entrepreneurial talent is often under-evaluated within ethnic minority communities. However, we fully believe that there is a pool of minority enterprises that are more than capable of becoming qualified suppliers. These enterprises are able to complete business contracts to a high standard, provide innovative products and creative solutions. The only thing that these suppliers lack is the opportunity to compete on an equal level. MSD China is committed to establishing and providing these minority suppliers with channels through which they can access equal opportunities and integrate themselves into the mainstream supply-chain.

MSD China can benefit minority suppliers through:

  • Providing a time efficient and cost effective approach to becoming integrated within the supply chains of leading corporations from diverse industries, on a mutually beneficial basis;
  • Providing direct marketing tools to corporate procurement executives and decision making buyers who are receptive to minority suppliers;
  • Helping suppliers obtain knowledge and understanding of the procurement practices of purchasing corporations;
  • Improving performance, competitiveness and business capacity;
  • Helping suppliers achieve business growth through forging partnerships with large corporations. Such growth leads to increased employment and a greater contribution to the economic development of ethnic minority regions, in turn creating a positive impact upon the value of the brand for minority enterprises;

The advantages of acquiring minority business enterprise status:

  • Inclusion within an interactive database, providing minority suppliers with a direct channel to those individuals who make procurement decisions within purchasing corporations;
  • Opportunities to attend our Annual Conference, national forum and summit for minority business development, at which minority suppliers can receive the most up-to-date information on trends within minority business development, and approach a large number of procurement executives and buyers from large corporate clients within a short period of time;
  • Receive prompt notice on corporate contract opportunities;
  • Share best practices on how to conduct business with large corporations;
  • Benefit from MSD China training programs, which assist minority businesses in increasing their business capacity, helping them grow into competitive and successful suppliers;
  • Opportunities to gain greater recognition from clients and peers, helping to consolidate your business and expand your marketing outlook;
  • Access to a wide number of networking opportunities