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Yanbian Cattle Is Winning Access to Marriott

On May 20 and May 21, 2010, Mr. Charles Lu, Area Procurement Director of Marriott International, Inc., and a prime supplier of Marriott International, Inc. paid a two-day business visit to Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture with the accompaniment of MSD China staff. Leaders of Yanbian prefectural government, Yanbian Ethnic Affairs Commission, and Yanbian Bureau of Animal Husbandry, and the responsible persons of Longjing and Huichun’s relevant government departments accompanied the whole visit.

MSD China has made an extensive investigation of the economy in ethnic minority regions and the development of minority business enterprises, which  aims at attracting more minority business enterprises to become certified suppliers, set uplong-term strategic cooperation with purchasing enterprises of scale at home and abroad, and realize the effective match-making between minority suppliers and purchasing corporations.

Marriott International, Inc. is the world-renowned hotel management company and the enterprise on the list of Fortune Global 500. Currently it has more than 3,200 hotels in 66 countries and regions. In 1997 it entered China’s hotel market and now operates 48 hotels in 14 cities and regions of China. In two to three years, it will open 50 hotels, and the total of hotels under its umbrella will reach nearly 100 in China. Joining the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) at an early time, Marriott purchases more than 15% of products and services from Minority Suppliers around the United States.

As one of China’s five fine local breeds and the species under national resource protection, Yanbian cattle is the top quality beef products with striking ethnic regional features and Korean flavors. The beef can compare with the Han beef of South Korea and the He beef of Japan in terms of tenderness, succulence, deliciousness, and flavor. Yanbian prefecture has 46 cattle raising areas and farms. There are more than 80,000 cattle raising households, among which 10,000 have achieved a certain scale. There are more than 100 households that keep over 500 cattle. Yanbian’s cattle industry has become the pillar industry of rural economy and the effective way for farmers to increase their wealth. Yanbian Prefecture Animal Husbandry Development Company, Huichun Jixing Animal Husbandry, and Huichun Tianyi Hanye Pasture have developed high quality beef brands of “Benfu”, “Changbaihong”, and “Lanzhiyuan”. The good quality of Yanbian beef has been accepted and recognized by the market.

This business visit covered the three animal husbandry enterprises in Longjing City and Huichun City, and their farm-based cattle raising, household cattle raising and cattle breeding bases. Through the visit the purchaser and the suppliers have achieved initial intent of cooperation. Charles Lu spoke highly of the quality of Yanbian beef. Now it is possible to proceed to the next procedure of technological validation and third party assessment. The cooperation will promote the development of animal husbandry in ethnic minority regions and enhance the international publicity of the brand of “Yanbian cattle”. In addition, the group also paid a visit to other minority business enterprises like Yanji Limei Ethnic Minority Garments Co., Ltd. and Trans Western Polymers Inc. in Tumen of Yanbian.