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With the Help of MSD China Platform, Minority Business Enterprises Have Successfully Expanded Overseas Purchase Channels!

"At the beginning when we participated in the summit, we didn’t expect much in the face of so many world-renowned enterprises”, said Mr. Liu Jian, Board Chairman of Huichun Xingye Company in simple and honest words to express his initial feeling of participating in 2009 Minority Supplier Development China Summit – 2009 MSD China National Conference and Business Opportunity Fair. Surprisingly, however, through this summit Huichun Xingye Company has not only exhibited to the multinationals its wood floor boards and veneers and the mien of China’s minority business enterprises, but has also established the stable raw material purchasing channel with one American enterprises specializing in supply of lumber.

During the Business Opportunity Fair for purchasers and suppliers in 2009 MSD China Conference, Huichun Xingye Veneer Co., Ltd. of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture got to know the executives from some American companies specializing in wood processing business, like Sealaska Corporation. After the summit, Huichun Company communicated across the ocean with them and established business relations with one American enterprises engaging in wood supply. Currently the company has successfully transacted orders of 150 cubic meters of North American timbers, including cherry wood, hickory, and maple. It is expected that by the end of this year a total of 400 cubic meters of North American timbers will be imported. The sales will increase by 150,000 square meters each year and the sales revenue will increase by RMB 16 million each year.

This unexpected achievement has made Liu Jian realize the value of purchase and supply platform established by MSD China for minority business enterprises and major corporations at home and abroad. “The competition in the global market is fair, the opportunity is equal. We have not only established stable and good cooperation relations for import of North American timbers, and greatly enriched our product varieties, but also have laid solid foundation for further expansion of sales market in North America. As a result we have increased our confidence and power in strengthening our enterprise and marching toward the global market.”