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Yan Xijun





Yan Xijun

Tianjin Tasly Group Co., Ltd.

"Tasly is extremely excited about becoming the first Chinese company to join MSD China. Tasly itself has been a beneficiary of the concept of diversity. We purchase many herbs as raw materials from multiple ethnic groups across various regions in China and are happy to be part of this big family. We look forward to meeting many new friends and actively participating in various events associated with MSD China. We want to be “good citizens” and a “successful example” by supporting minority supplier development programs in order to reach out to many other Chinese companies and promote minority supplier development in China."

Tasly Group is a private enterprise based in Tianjin, China. Founded in 1994, Tasly Group started out with a single product, the Cardiotonic Pill, and less than 20 members of staff. 15 years later, it has transformed itself into one of the key players within the health and nutrition industry in China, with core products ranging from modern TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) drugs, pharmaceutical drugs both in chemical and biomedicine fields, dietary supplements, cosmetics, functional foods, to bottled water. As of 2009, Tasly Group had more than 6000 employees worldwide, with branch offices in every province in China and every continent worldwide. The group’s 2009 sales revenue reached 10 billion RMB. So far, Tasly Group has built up a sales force of more than 2000 to reach out to patients, multi-tier communities and doctors. Tasly has also opened more than 160 drug stores in northern China. Meanwhile, the group is building a marketing network that reaches out to more than 1 million consumers worldwide. Welcome to visit for more information about Tasly Group.